United nations office on drugs & crime (UNODC)


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime was founded in 1997 and has since become the international leader in crime and unlawful drug prevention. The international community has been working for many years to mitigate the issue of illicit drug smuggling across national borders; however, these efforts have yet to produce comprehensive measures that have had a significant impact on the levels of international drug trafficking. In this committee, delegates will be addressing problems directly caused by international drug trafficking and the underlying issue of addiction that allow the crisis to continue.

topic a

Wildlife Trafficking


Terrorist Financing

topic a: Wildlife trafficking

In markets throughout the world, wild animals and their parts are sold for massive profits. This black market trade not only concerns animal rights activists and environmentalists who fear for the extinction or mistreatment of these species, but has wide ranging concerns for the global community at large. Wildlife trafficking is used to fund organized crime, has massive security implications, and a complicated position in legal arrangements for prosecution of its perpetrators. Delegates in this committee will consider these issues, and many more, to save the wildlife of their country and solve the pressing problems that come with it.”

topic b: terrorist financing

Since 2000, terrorism has become a global concern. While security groups throughout the world are dedicated to protecting populations from attacks, the UNODC is at the forefront of tackling the internal funding mechanisms that enable terrorists. From combating illegal sources of revenue like trafficking to finding methods of determining and punishing terrorist accounts, this topic will explore economic and legal issues surrounding terrorist funding.