Our team



Neehar Mahidadia is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Nursing & Health Studies (NHS), majoring in healthcare management & policy with a minor in science, technology & international affairs (STIA). Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, Neehar has competed on the MUN circuit for all four years of high school, served as USG of Assemblies & Summits for NAIMUN’s sister conference, NCSC and USG of General Assemblies for NAIMUN LVI. Last summer, he traveled to Chengdu, China to staff the first NAIMUN China. When he isn’t binge-watching literally every show on Netflix or attending Georgetown Basketball games, Neehar serves on the NHS Academic Council, choreographs for the Georgetown South Asian Society charity show known as Rangila and is a senior consultant at Hilltop Consultants. Neehar cannot wait to share his passion for Model UN with all of you at NAIMUN Southeast Asia!



Casey Wetherbee is a member of the Class of 2021 in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy. He has traveled to nine conferences so far, and the GUMUN travel team is his main extracurricular. He also served as Director of Registration for NAIMUN LVI, so he's really good at answering emails. If there’s ever any free time in his Google Calendar you can usually find him watching Vine compilations, eating hummus, or playing piano. Casey is thrilled to head to Southeast Asia for the first time to staff what will be the best two conferences of the summer!



Elodie Currier is proud to be spending her final GIRA conference in Singapore after 4 years staffing NCSC and NAIMUN, and 2 years serving on the executive board, first as Chief Global Strategist and then as Chief Executive Officer. She is a member of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Class of 2019, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in International Law. She also received a certificate in Jewish Civilization, where she wrote her thesis on post-Holocaust prosecution of collaborators. Elodie has spent the last 8 years entrenched in the Model UN world, staffing and competing in both General Assembly and crisis styles. When she’s not designing crisis arcs or drafting resolutions, Elodie has interned throughout the political advocacy world, and enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling with friends.



Mark Wilcox is a proud member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2021. He is originally from Indiana and thus loves everything about the Midwestern United States. His high school did not have Model UN, so instead he did debate for all four years. With the Georgetown team, Mark loves to travel as much as possible and has enjoyed staffing NCSC and NAIMUN in the US. Outside of Model UN, Mark spends his time working with the Center for Social Justice as a coordinator for the After-School Kids program to help tutor local DC youth. On campus, he loves interacting with the first-year students as a Residential Assistant and also meeting new students as an admissions ambassador.  In order to get a break from many of his self-induced stresses, Mark loves to very critically watch movies, try new restaurants, and simply explore new and exciting avenues of life. He would consider himself to be funny, fashionable (his favorite shoes are crocs), and friendly. Mark is so excited to meet everyone this summer and help make a great conference!



Áine Crinion is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2022 and is studying International Politics and Spanish. Originally from Ireland, she now proudly lives in the barren abyss that is South Dakota (yes, the one with Mt. Rushmore). Though her high school didn’t have Model UN, she was a debater for all four years and now enjoys traveling with Georgetown’s Model UN team and staffing Georgetown’s two conferences, NAIMUN and NCSC. When not doing Model UN, she is an editor for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and is on Georgetown’s Federal Relations Committee as a congressional liaison. In her free time, she enjoys watching cheesy rom-coms, singing and playing Mamma Mia on the piano, and defending her love of Taylor Swift’s music to anyone who will listen.



Zaki Thabet is a member of the Class of 2021 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Foreign Policy and Policy Processes. Zaki is obnoxious about being from Maryland and is known to proudly display Maryland’s beautiful flag whenever he can. He has been doing MUN since the 7th grade and travels with Georgetown’s team. Zaki spends too much of his free time watching Vines that he’s already seen hundreds of times. Zaki has staffed NCSC and NAIMUN in Washington and cannot wait to bring the conferences to new locales. Outside of MUN, Zaki proudly serves his fellow Hoyas in the mail office, welcomes new students to campus as an orientation advisor, and serves in the Student Government Senate.


TARA subramaniam
chair - united nations security council

Tara is a member of the Class of 2019 in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Political Economy with a minor in Mandarin and multitasking. While Tara actually hails from Atlanta, Georgia, she often pretends to be from a small town in France near Normandy and aspires to one day be like CJ Cregg or Elizabeth McCord. Previously, Tara served on NAIMUN Secretariat as Deputy Director of Programming. This year, she is served as the CM for the British Defense Council at NAIMUN LVI and can't wait to help make the first ever NAIMUN Southeast Asia incredible!


meggie underwood
crisis manager - united nations security council

Meggie is excited to kick off the final Model UN conference in her 8 year career by staffing NAIMUN SEA. While she originally hails from Illinois, she has been lucky enough to have lived around the world. She has just graduated from Georgetown with a degree in International Economics with a focus on Public Policy. During her time at Georgetown, she was able to be on the Model UN travel team and serve as Chief Financial Officer for NAIMUN’s parent company GIRA. After graduation she will be moving to New York City where she will be working in finance. In her free time, she loves to cross stitch, do the crossword, and generally engage in any other behaviors more typical to 80 year-olds than 22 year-olds. She is so excited to travel to Asia for the first time and to staff NAIMUN South East Asia! She cannot wait to see the chaos that will unroll in the United Nations Security Council!