About MUN Inc.

Established in 2014, MUN inc. is a regional education provider based in Southeast Asia which specializes in making Model United Nations and other model conference simulations accessible and understandable. We believe that students can learn more from experiential learning, and we impart debate, diplomacy, research and writing skills to the next generation of leaders using conference frameworks.

Designed as a one stop shop for anyone interested in conference simulations, MUN inc. uses a service subsidization business model to consult, coach and create learning experiences for students, businesses, non-profit organizations and governments across Asia. To date, we have trained over 1,600 students and have created more than 2,700 conference experiences. 

As a leader in experiential education, we are also proud to have pioneered new ways of learning such as the ASEAN Foundation’s Model ASEAN Meeting and introducing the WIMUN approach to the region. We are excited to continue breaking new ground in the field of education and are honored to be a part of NAIMUN SEA.